music video for „Find The Time“ – out now!

A song about alienation and a video that flickers back and forth between memories and projections, against the backdrop of the city of lights…

My dear friend Anhao „Josh“ Chang found the time to revisit „Find The Time“ off our first album Second Painting, putting me and his beautiful wife Lea in front of his camera and coming up with this piece of art. It beams my right back to the streets of Paris and the precious time we shared together.

Concept, Camera, Direction: Anhao Chang
Editing: Jinglin Wu
Music: Jan Fabritius / Colourful

<< AN >> out now. Third and final album.

The day has come to celebrate the release of our third and final album “AN“ via Aumega Project. It marks the second part of the two-album concept piece AUS/AN (German for off/on) and for the first time introduces orchestral elements to the dreamy antipop of Colourful. Work on it started the day after Jan moved to Paris in December 2016 and it took a year and a half to finish. “AN“ also marks the end of our 1-album-per-week-release-marathon this month of december 2018 and we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved. Altogether this body of work (Second Painting, AUS/AN), which we´ve presented here to a public audience for the first time, comprises six years of hard work in and out of the studio(s). And it´s with a bit of astonishment that we´ve come to realize what we want to share with you lastly: we´re the only artist worldwide to have ever released three original albums within three consecutive weeks (…at least according to our information – correct us if we´re wrong). But don´t think we´re done here… stay tuned as more news will follow soon.

new album << AUS >> out now!

Today our second album AUS is out via Aumega Project. It´s the first part of a two-album concept piece (together with AN – our third album, which will be released next week). Where in “Second Painting“ the guitar appears still to be predominant, here organic and electronic elements meld playfully and hence define the signature sound of Colourful: calm, yet punchy; catchy, yet challenging; serious and at times ironic. AUS was produced in the year before Jan moved from Berlin to Paris. Find AUS on all digital platforms, buy it stream it, like it, share it… it´s the second of three new albums we´re releasing this december, 2018!

We´re releasing three albums this month !

December 2018 is a huge one for us. Starting today, Sunday December 2nd we´re going to release three albums at an interval of one per week. It´s the work of six years which will finally see the light of day – in full and on every digital platform (iTunes, Spotify… you name it). We´re happy to have found a like-minded partner in Aumega Project to present SECOND PAINTING (2014), A U S (2016) and A N (2018) to you with. Head over to their Bandcamp Page and get your digital copy of SECOND PAINTING today! Or visit any of your preferred music shopping and streaming platforms to buy and stream the album. Happy release month to us and a merry listening experience to you!


listen to snippets of our new album „AN“

After one and a half years of intense work, I´m relieved and delighted to announce the completion of our new album AN. Together with our last album AUS it constitutes the conceptual work AUS/AN (German for „off/on“), which stands as a metaphor for a reset I underwent in life. We´re currently working hard on finding a label to put this out with, so you can listen to the thing in full length soon. More news to follow soon. / Jan

AUS / Album Teaser

Thanks to our dear friend Josh Chang for filming this.